About Us

I Create Vishwas Karnataka (ICVK) operates under the auspices of The Vishwas Trust (www.thevishwastrust.org) established in 2005 in Karnataka by its founder Mr. VISHWA PRAKASH. The main objective of ICVK is to impart a high quality of entrepreneurship education and provide inspiration/mentorship and skills to help the needy in taking control of their lives. Our focus is the disadvantaged communities and especially destitute and needy women, to whom we provide entrepreneurship training and subequent assistance in setting up their businesses.

To implement this entrepreneurship training initiative, Vishwas Trust has entered in to a strategic partnership with I Create, Inc of USA. I Create, Inc (www.icreateinc.org) which heads over 20 branches in India to provide Entrepreneurial Training to those in need. It has developed an award winning training programme which is now implemented successfully in different parts of India.

The Vishwas Trust has received necessary approvals from relevant authorities for it to carry on its activities and achieve its objectives. The Government of India has recognized our efforts and granted us the coveted FCRA registration to receive foreign currency funds from overseas donors.

The Trust Registration No :SHV-4-00835-2004-05

Income Tax  : Donations to The Vishwas Trust are tax deductible under section 80(G) of Income Tax Act of India.

FCRA approval no : 094360008

The Vishwas Trust has now been in existence for 10 years and boasts of over one thousand enteprises created from scratch.