Grand Sponsor

Mr. Vishwa Prakash, founder and settlor of The Vishwas Trust, is the chief financial sponsor of ICVK. He is the President and CEO of Soimex inc, a multinational textile design firm with offices in Asia and New York. Vishwa is a keen student of spirituality and devotes an appreciable slice of his resources to charitable purposes. He is a popular laughter therapist and coach, author and keynote speaker.

Vishwa has been featured in various national and international TV networks, newspapers and magazines, including TIME magazine, the NY Times, Forbes and others. Vishwa has big plans for ICVK and wants the organization to expand to cover the entire Southern Region. He is a hands-on sponsor who actively participates in the decisions of both the national I Create body as well as the Karnataka branch. He is totally committed to the cause of Empowerment of the Disadvantaged and is determined to make every effort to ensure that ICVK fulfills its mission and reaches its goals successfully. Learn more about Vishwa on