ICVK conducts different programmes in entrepreneurship training to address various needs of diverse beneficiary groups. These are:

Entrepreneurship Awareness Program (EAP)

This is a half-day to one day program. The purpose is to create awareness among the youth and women about entrepreneurship being an option and an alternative to job-seeking for economic freedom. The course is conducted by the Master Trainers for the centers and very often is a part of the intake process for the AEW or 40 Period Program (details hereunder). In certain situations, where the target group is already identified as potential beneficiaries of the AEW, EAP may not be necessary. 

Only select topics such as Power of Networking, Qualities of an Entrepreneur, Challenges faced by Women in starting a business, Seven Principles of Marketing, Costs and Simple Profit & Loss accounting and cashflow are covered.

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Workshop (AEW)

This is the flagship program of I Create Inc. delivered by the Master Trainers to ultimate beneficiaries. The Master Trainers are conversant with a detailed syllabus and a teaching manual which after their own rigorous training helps them to achieve the training objectives of ICVK. The programme is conducted in English, Bengali, Hindi, Guajarati and Kannada as required by the target group of participants. At the end of each workshop, the participants are required to present a business plan (individually or as a member of the team). Approximately 30 to 45 days after the AEW, Master Trainers conduct a Follow-up session. The purpose of such a session is to reinforce certain concepts, clarify doubts and identify candidates who want to be mentored by the Master Trainers.

Approximately 30 to 45 days after the AEW, Master Trainers conduct a Follow-up session. The purpose of such a session is to reinforce certain concepts, clarify doubts and identify candidates who want to be mentored by the Master Trainers.

Forty Period School/College Program (40 Period Program) for Youth

This programme is conducted in schools and colleges based on voluntary participation and the response to date has been spectacular. The course content and teaching methodology is similar to that of an AEW. However, the teaching is spread over 40 periods (six to eight weeks). Teachers/lecturers trained as Master Trainers conduct the sessions. To top up the training, we hold a regional business plan competition and the winners subsequently present their plans to participate in the National Competition. The overall winner in India is awarded an all expense paid trip to New York to represent India in the International event held at the NFTE (National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship) in USA.

Business Plan Competitions

These have proved to be a great learning exercise for the youth who are encouraged to discuss and develop their thinking process amongst themselves and also aided by their Master Trainers. It has created a very high level of excitement and given them self-confidence.

Program Delivery

All the programs listed above are delivered by our Master Trainers – trained and certified by I Create. For this purpose we conduct Training of Trainers (TOT) programmes and Refresher courses. Currently ICVK has over 18 Master Trainers on its rolls and periodically holds a TOT to inculcate further trainers and hence enhance the reach of our work.

Training of Trainers (TOT)

This is typically a five day programme. The focus is to train the trainers in the methodology and course content developed by I Create for imparting training in the three other programs (EAP, AEW and 40 Period). At the end of the programme, the participants are in a position to conduct EAP, AEW and 40 Period Classes as per I Create standards using the methodology imparted and the Teaching Manuals provided during the session. The successful participants are certified as I Create Master Trainers (MTs) and become members of the pool from which all the other Centres can draw upon to conduct various workshops.

TOT sessions are conducted by highly qualified and accredited trainers from both India and Overseas; these are conducted in English when overseas trainers are involved or in English, Hindi, Bengali, Kannada or Gujarati since we have senior MTs who can teach in these languages. We have training manuals in all these languages.

Refresher Course for Master Trainers

As part of our ongoing training of the MTs, I Create conducts a one day intensive workshop with the existing MTs to freshen up both their training and pedagogical skills. This is done at a minimum of once a year and may take place even earlier for those MTs that have just finished their first TOT.

Change the Mind Set (CMS)

Change the Mind Set programME (CMS) addresses the needs of the youth by demonstrating entrepreneurship as a viable and honourable alternative to seeking jobs by training them in basic skills of entrepreneurship (soft as well as core business skills). It helps them to identify their entrepreneurship qualities, plan for improvements in weak areas and gives them the basics of how to identify business opportunities (using their hobbies, skills or observed problems).

At the end of the programme participants become aware of entrepreneurship as an alternative (both viable and workable). Also some would be determined to start a business while others may plan on acquiring certain technical or vocational skills to start a business and yet some others may be good employees with “intrapreneurial” skills. The Change the Mind Set program is directed at the youth between the ages of 17- 23 years from Academic institutions, Polytechnics, Vocational Training institutes and any Skill or Engineering colleges.

The CMS programme is primarily held in schools and colleges by trained Master Trainers of ICVK. However often the recipient audience may be other groups as identified by our partner NGO's or other bodies. The objective is always to show the pathway of becoming an entrepreneur.

CMS Online

In the absence of trained teachers or trainers in I Create methodology and course content, interested persons can study the course online by joining CMS Online Circle of I Create Cloud Campus. Each student who undergoes the online course does the lessons and assignments under supervision, and at the end of the course prepares and presents a business plan based on the business ideas identified by them.